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Supported Environments

Please review the information listed below to understand the supported versions.

Kubernetes Versions

The following versions of Kubernetes are currently supported. New EKS clusters can be provisioned using the following Kubernetes versions. Existing EKS clusters managed by the controller can be upgraded in-place to the following Kubernetes versions.


Customers are strongly recommended to upgrade their EKS clusters to a recent supported version to ensure they continue to receive patches and security updates.

Kubernetes Version Official EOL Date
v1.26.x 01 May 2024
v1.25.x 01 May 2024
v1.24.x 01 Jan 2024
v1.23.x 01 Oct 2023
v1.22.x 01 May 2023


Support for Kubernetes v1.26 is currently restricted to provisioning new EKS clusters. Support for upgrading existing clusters managed by the controller "in-place" to Kubernetes v1.26 will be available with an upcoming release