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Managed Add-Ons

Amazon EKS add-ons provide supporting operational capabilities to Kubernetes applications. Installing add-ons to an EKS cluster can be done in the Console or using RCTL.

There are four EKS add-ons available in the Console. Some EKS add-ons are K8s version specific. For information about supported versions, see Amazon EKS Add-Ons.


With AWS EKS version 1.24 and newer, the Amazon EBS CSI Driver is automatically included with the EKS cluster.

The Amazon EBS CSI Driver requires IAM permissions.

Install Add-Ons


  1. In the Console, select the EKS cluster to install add-ons to.
  2. On the Configuration tab, for EKS Managed Addons, click Add.
  3. For Name, select the add-on from the drop-down list. Example: Amazon VPC CNI.
  4. For Version, select the appropriate version from the drop-down list. Example: v1.25.11-eksbuild.1.

EKS Add-Ons


In the EKS cluster specification file, add the 'addons` section and include the appropriate add-ons. The following is an example.

- name: aws-ebs-csi-driver
  serviceAccountRoleARN: arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/demo-ebs-csi
  version: v1.16.0-eksbuild.1
- name: vpc-cni
  version: v1.12.6-eksbuild.1
- name: kube-proxy
  version: v1.23.16-eksbuild.2