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Helm Workloads

We develop and maintain a public Git repository with functioning examples of workload specifications and automation pipelines that can be leveraged by customers.


This is an illustrative example of a workload definition based on a Helm chart payload. In this example,

  • The workload name km-redis will be deployed to the namespace redis.
  • It has a payload based on a Helm Chart called "redis-with-sentine.tar.gz" with Values in the file "redis-values-production.yaml".
  • The workload will be deployed to specifically named clusters in the defaultproject
name: km-redis
namespace: redis
type: Helm
project: defaultproject
clusters: eks-prod-east, eks-prod-west, eks-prod-europe, eks-prod-singapore, eks-prod-tokyo
payload: "./redis-with-sentine.tar.gz"
values: "./redis-values-production.yaml"