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In this exercise, you will learn how to use the controller to configure and provision an Amazon EKS Cluster with AWS Fargate profiles. You will then deploy a containerized application to the EKS cluster with the pods getting deployed to AWS Fargate.

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Configure and Provision an Amazon EKS Cluster with AWS Fargate Profiles
2 Deploy a Workload to Fargate
3 Deprovision the EKS cluster

You can also watch a video describing this below.


  • You have access to an Amazon AWS account with privileges to create an IAM Role with the default Full IAM Policy to allow provisioning of resources on your behalf as part of the EKS cluster lifecycle.
  • You have installed and configured the RCTL CLI so that you can perform the tasks with automation and declarative cluster specification files.