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Default Openshift

Default Openshift Cluster Blueprint

The default-openshift blueprint is the baseline for any Openshift cluster to deploy on multi-cloud AWS or Azure, and is version controlled.

In the example below, the openshift cluster is based on a default openshift blueprint. Note the following details

  • Name of Blueprint: default-openshift in this example
  • The version/timestamp of the default-openshift blueprint
  • Blueprint Sync Status

Default Cluster Blueprint

Available Addons

The table below shows the addons that are enabled in the default-openshift blueprint

Category Addon
k8s Management Operator YES
Monitoring & Alerting NO
Log Aggregation NO
Ingress Controller NO
Instance Interruption NO
Network Policy NO

View Default Openshift Blueprints

As an Admin, login into the Web Console

  • Select Project
  • Select Infrastructure -> Blueprints
  • Select the "Default Blueprints" tab

In the example below, the dashboard shows >50 versions of the default-openshift blueprint over the entire lifecycle and one cluster in the Project based on the default-openshift blueprint

View Default Blueprint

Clicking on the clusters link will display the status of the default-openshift blueprint on the list of clusters. An illustrative example is shown below.

Clusters with Default Blueprint