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This is a multi-part, self paced exercise to explore the platform's capabilities for "Lifecycle Management" of Google GKE Clusters.

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Configure and Provision a GKE Cluster using RCTL or the web console, view the cluster through the integrated monitoring and dashboards, securely access the cluster's API server using zero trust kubectl
2 Scale the cluster by updating the number of nodes in an existing node pool, adding and removing node pools
3 Upgrade the Kubernetes version of the GKE cluster's control plane and nodes
4 Deprovision the cluster and remove the underlying infrastructure


  • You have access to an Google Cloud account
  • You have sufficient privileges to create GCP credentials to allow the controller to provision resources on your behalf as part of the GKE cluster lifecycle process.
  • You have downloaded the RCTL CLI
  • You have downloaded and initialized the RCTL CLI


The instructions describe the process using a combination of the RCTL CLI and the web console. The same steps can be performed using the REST APIs or a Terraform provider for automation.


To access the documentation for Lifecycle Management for GKE Cluster , click here