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Limited Access - This capability is enabled selectively for customers and is not available to all organizations.

A Fleet Plan on clusters refers to a strategic approach for managing and coordinating resources across multiple clusters. It involves creating a comprehensive plan to streamline operations on bunch of clusters available within one or more fleet(s), and ensure efficient utilization of cluster resources. With Fleet Plan, users can effortlessly perform a wide range of operations such as upgrades, backups, patch, and scaling across their clusters. The base roles Infra admin and Org Admin are allowed to create and run the fleet plan


Users Benefit from Fleet Plan in the following Ways:

  • Cluster Management: Oversee and control multiple clusters simultaneously
  • Upgrade: Simplifies the process of upgrading clusters within the fleet
  • Backups: Conveniently manage and schedule backups for their clusters
  • Patching: Streamlines the patch management process for clusters within the fleet
  • Scaling: Easily scale their clusters up or down to accommodate changing workload demands

Did you know ?

An Org Admin/ Infra Admin can create Cluster Fleet Plans via three methods:


  • Fleet plan refers to labels to target the clusters
  • GitOps agent is required for executing the hooks in fleet plan when Runner type is configured as Agent in the hook configuration
  • Container image is necessary for hooks (pre and post hook configuration)

UI Process Flow Diagram

The image below describes the typical steps that are performed in a sequence.

    participant User as User
    participant Create_Fleet_Plan as "Create Fleet Plan"
    participant New_Operations as "New Operations"
    participant Add_Pre_Post_hook_Config as "Add Pre/Post-hook Config"
    participant Select_Labels_Projects as "Select Labels & Projects"
    participant Add_Agents as "Add Agents"
    participant Trigger_the_job as "Trigger the job"
    Note over User, Create_Fleet_Plan: Login as Org Admin/Infra Admin
    User->>Create_Fleet_Plan: Add one or more Operations
    New_Operations->>Add_Pre_Post_hook_Config: Pre/Post-hook checks for the operations
    Note over Add_Pre_Post_hook_Config: Optional
    Add_Pre_Post_hook_Config->>Select_Labels_Projects: Select one or more projects
    Select_Labels_Projects ->>Add_Agents: Add one or more GitOps CD Agents
    Add_Agents->>Trigger_the_job: Apply the operations on the targets (clusters)
    Note over Add_Agents: Mandatory when Runner type is Agent in Hook config