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Product Documentation

Seamless Landing Zone For Our Docs


These past few months, we've invested a lot of time as a team working to create a more seamless experience for our customer-facing product documentation. While we built a lot of content covering key functionality of the platform, one of the key questions that would arise from our readers was how do I know where to start?

New User Experience for Product Documentation

We invest a lot of time creating and maintaining our customer facing product documentation. Over the last few years, as we added significant width to our platform, we found ourselves in a situation where the way the content was presented especially for new users was overwhelming to them.

We have been working behind the scenes for a few weeks to present the breadth of capabilities of the platform in our documentation in a format that is "visually easy" for the user to navigate. Today, we launched our refreshed Product Documentation site. We thought it would be fun to memorialize this milestone by writing a brief blog.