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An overview of the operations platform, concepts and architecture

Support Matrix

Consolidated summary of supported environments and requirements

Cluster Lifecycle

Provision and manage lifecycle of EKS, AKS, GKE, VMWare, Bare Metal and edge Kubernetes clusters

Cluster Templates (EOL)

Self-service Clusters for teams. Encapsulate the freedom or restriction of cluster specifications to ensure compliance and governance.

Developer Self Service - Backstage

Developer Self-service via Plugins for Backstage

Environment Manager

Environment as a Service to create self-service environments in a controlled manner

Fleet Operations

Manage and coordinate resources across multiple clusters


Create and manage operating environments to support shared and dedicated tenancy models


Critical integrations and foundational capabilities provided by the Kubernetes Operations Platform


Automate provisioning and lifecycle management of Kubernetes infrastructure and applications based on IaC and GitOps patterns

App Deployments

Supported patterns for application deployments and lifecycle management


How to configure and operate various open source and commercial offerings from the CNCF ecosystem.

User Management

Manage users, groups and roles. Integrate with your corporate identity provider for single sign on (SSO)


Learn about the built-in security capabilities of the platform. Understand the shared responsibility security model

MSP Partners

Learn how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can deliver a white-labeled experience of the platform for their customers

Self Hosted Controller

Deploy and operate the Kubernetes operations platform in your infrastructure