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Rafay allows you to deploy and operate containerized apps anywhere on any type of infrastructure, ensuring flexibility, reliability, availability, and performance through a developer-friendly interface.

Application vs Infrastructure

Organizations can now focus on their applications and users instead of building and maintaining complex, costly infrastructure.

Line of Business Applications

Drive additional revenue opportunities by quickly rolling out new services.


Quickly and Easily integrate Rafay with your CI pipeline to automatically push containers to multiple Kubernetes clusters.


Leverage Rafay to automate container placement, scale & lifecycle management.

Day-0 (Infrastructure Provisioning)

Organizations have to make significant investments in tasks related to infrastructure provisioning and initial application deployment. Rafay helps simplify and streamline these tasks down to a point where it becomes highly streamlined and automated.

Automated Cluster and Infrastructure Provisioning

In two clicks, automatically provision clusters on public clouds.

Multi Cloud and Location Abstraction

Normalize the underlying infrastructure complexities to provide a homogeneous compute fabric across multiple cloud environments.

Kubernetes Abstraction

Avoid the steep learning curve associated with Kubernetes

In-Cluster Autoscaling

Configurable horizontal (in-cluster) auto-scaling based on default and custom metrics.

Day-1 (App Operations and Scaling)

DevOps teams invest significant resources to ensure their applications are operating well and their users are being served with the best experience.

Rafay helps streamline these tasks so that application teams can focus on outcomes instead of low level tooling.

CI Integration

Automate the distribution of new container images across the globe by integrating directly with your CI Platform.

Dynamic Workload Placement

Intelligently, dynamically place and operate containers in locations based on policies.

Global Load Balancing

Automatically steer user traffic based on configured service level objectives (SLO).

In-Cluster and Cross-Cluster Autoscaling

Configurable auto-scaling based business intent, default and custom metrics.

Dynamic and Secure Secrets Delivery

Fast, reliable delivery of application secrets across all clusters.

Log Aggregation

Automate the collection, aggregation of application logs and metrics generated globally by container replicas via built-in data pipelines.

Application Health Tracking

The platform tracks and monitors the health status of each deployed container replica globally across multi-cloud environments.

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Debug container replicas running anywhere via shell (console) access and log viewing (tail -f) to quickly diagnose issues in the field.

Day-2 (Application Lifecycle Management)

Today's applications are frequently updated multiple times a week/day. Application upgrades can be a painful, cumbersome process requiring a global operations team.

In-Cluster Application Upgrades

Developers deploy and update apps frequently, while users expect uninterrupted service. Rafay provides several flexible deployment and upgrade options including rolling upgrades and auto-rollbacks.


Rafay supports both manual and automated rollbacks. DevOps teams can configure automatic rollbacks if the upgrade process fails for some reason.

Automated App Footprint Expansion

Automatically or orchestrate app deployments to additonal clusters in seconds with zero app downtime.

Deploy Anywhere

Rafay can enable you to automate the distribution & ongoing operations of apps across heterogenous infrastructure. All the infrastructure is abstracted and presented in a simple to consume manner.

  • On-premises (private cloud)
  • Public cloud
  • Multi locations
  • Multi cloud