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This section explains the frequently occurred errors during cluster provision

Scenario 1: Instance Type Not supported

The below error is an example that might occur at the time of cluster provision or adding a new nodegroup to the existing cluster

Error 1


To overcome this issue, perform the below validations for instance types in a region:

  • Check your Cloud Credentials (roles based or access id or secret) has the required permission to call ec2 AWS APIs. If the Cloud Credentials are role based, ensure all the appropriate IAM Policies are met
  • Check whether the configuration has an instance type that is not available in the selected region

Scenario 2: Availability Zones

The below error is an example that might occur when the Cloud credentials does not have permission to create resources in the selected region during EKS cluster provision

Error 2


Validate the permissions of the cloud credentials used for cluster provisioning to create the resources in that configured region

Scenario 3: Instance Type Permission

The below error is an example that might occur when the cloud credentials do not have permission to use a particular instance type, used in the EKS cluster configuration

Error 2


  • Check for permission and use the right instance type for the cloud credentials
  • Rectify the permission on AWS to use the required configured instance type