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Part 1: Setup

What Will You Do

In this section you will

  • Fork a Github repository
  • Add the forked repo to the controller

Step 1: Fork Git Repo

In this step, you will fork a git repository to your account. The forked repo will contain declarative specs for the workload resources used in this guide. A GitOps pipeline will be created later in this guide which will be triggered by commits to this forked repository.

  • Ensure you are logged into your account
  • Navigate to the public Git repository
  • Click to fork the repository
  • Select your account name to fork the repo to
  • Once complete, you should see a copy of the repository in your Git system (e.g. GitHub).

Step 2: Add Repository

In this step, you will add the forked repository to the controller so that the controller can deploy resources from the repo.

  • In your project, navigate to Integrations -> Repositories
  • Click New Repository
  • Enter gitops-workload-gs for the repo name
  • Select Git for Type
  • Click Create

Create Repo

  • Enter the forked Git repo's Endpoint URL
  • Click Save

Create Repo


At this point, you have succesfully setup the repository for use in the GitOps application lifecycle.