Fleet Operations

Fleet Plan enables an efficient scalable solution to perform operations across many clusters. With Fleet Plan, users can update blueprints within the fleet of imported clusters. It includes in-built workflows with pre/post hooks and fine-grained cluster targeting empowering platform engineering teams to orchestrate operations in a generic manner.

When managing 100+ imported clusters, leveraging fleet operations streamlines your tasks significantly. To update the blueprints (BPs) across all these imported clusters, use fleet operations. With a single action, users can update the add-on, create a new version of the blueprint, and select all clusters within a designated fleet for simultaneous updates. Should a vulnerability be detected in any add-on, fleet operations enable you to update the blueprints across all clusters in one seamless operation.

Below is an example of a fleet plan where an imported cluster is added

Import Cluster

The action performed on the imported cluster is the blueprint update, as shown below

Import Cluster

Once the fleet plan is successfully executed on the selected imported cluster(s), the status shown below is displayed

Import Cluster


Learn more about Fleet Operations here.