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Releases - March 2023

10 Mar, 2023



Customers must upgrade to the latest version of the RCTL CLI to use the latest functionality.

Upcoming Previews

New features and enhancements targeted for the 1.24 release will be available to customers and partners in our Preview environment. Review the Previews page to learn about upcoming features and capabilities.

Release Notes will be updated before the new functionality is made available on the Preview environment.


Download Add-On Artifacts

It is now possible to download artifacts for prior versions of add-ons to aid with rollbacks if necessary.

Add-on artifacts

Cost Management

Support for Shared Clusters

For the scenario where a cluster is shared across multiple projects, cost for the cluster was previously being attributed to the parent project. This has now been enhanced to ensure that costs are appropriately apportioned to the projects based on the resources running in the shared cluster.


Additions to System Catalog

The System Catalog has been updated to add support for the following repositories.

Category Description
Troubleshooting has been added to the system catalog

Terraform Provider

An updated version of the Terraform provider is now available. See documentation for version 1.1.5 of the provider for additional details.


Managed Log Aggregation Add-On

The managed log aggregation add-on (based on Fluentd) in the cluster blueprint has been deprecated and will be removed with the upcoming 1.24 release. Users are recommended to migrate to next generation alternatives such as Fluentbit based on the integrated catalog.

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Description
RC-22905 OPA Gatekeeper audit violations not filtered appropriately on selecting 'View List' from the Org/Project dashboard
RC-23493 'Namespace publish' fails when a OPA Gatekeeper policy has been configured to check for specific labels
RC-23605 Intermittent failures with deployment of v1-logging-infra add-on on a blueprint sync action
RC-23814 AlertManager add-on unable to communicate with the event framework for raising alerts
RC-21641 VXLAN configurations are missing for nodes during provisioning using RHEL8 image
RC-23316 Ingress-controller configuration is not preserved on creation of a new blueprint version
RC-21751 UI: System AlertManager add-ons are greyed out in the 'Configure Add-ons' page
RC-23192 Only first 10 versions are being listed for add-ons when creating a new blueprint
RC-21760 'Managed storage' system add-on selection is not retained on a new blueprint version creation if it was enabled in the previous version
RC-23937 OPA Gatekeeper blueprint sync on clusters takes more time than the expected baseline

10 Mar, 2023

Self Hosted Controller v1.23 for GKE

The Self Hosted Controller software for GKE has been updated to v1.23 of the controller software. Customers using the GKE form factor of the controller software are encouraged to review the newly available functionality to assess if they wish to upgrade their self hosted controller instances.

Support also has been added for Google GKE Cluster templates with this release. This allows platform teams to enable developer self-service for provisioning Google GKE clusters without losing control over governance and policy. Infrastructure admins can specify and encapsulate the freedom/restriction for infrastructure resource creation, abstracting the details of the resource creation by exposing limited configuration for the user to deal with.


Learn more about Google GKE Cluster Templates capability here

07 Mar, 2023

Azure AKS v1.24 and v1.25

For customers using the SaaS Controller, new Azure AKS clusters can now be provisioned based on Kubernetes v1.24.x and v1.25.x. Existing AKS clusters managed by the controller can be upgraded in-place to Kubernetes v1.24.x and v1.25.x.