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Static Resource

A static resource is one that is pre-existing and can be referenced in templates. For example, it could be an already created cluster or an existing shared Databricks instance.

Create a Static Resource

  1. In a project, select Environments > Static Resources
  2. Select New Static Resource
  3. Enter a name for the resource. Optionally, type a description
  4. Click Create

Env Temp

The template is created and the configuration page displays.

  1. Select Input Variables and click Add Variable
  2. Enter a name for the variable. Optionally, type a description
  3. Select the types for this variable. See below for more details about values and types
  4. Select Save to save the template. Click Cancel to close the configuration and go back to the template list

Variable Values and Types

Setting Description
Name The name of the variable.
Description A brief description of the variable.
Value The variable value. This could be
Value Type The type of value.
-- HCL Hashicorp configuration language.
-- JSON JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
-- Expressions Expressions are valid units of code that resolve to a value.
-- Text Text value.
Sensitive Does not display the value in the UI.

Env Temp