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Master Nodes

Master nodes can be manually added or deleted from the controller provisioned and managed clusters.


This workflow is supported for manually provisioned clusters.

Manually Provisioned Clusters

Add Master Nodes

  • Create required VMs or instances
  • Sign into the Web Console
  • Select the cluster and click on nodes
  • Click "Add Node" and Follow the Node Installation Instructions to install the bootstrap agent on the VM

Add Master Manually

  • Approve the node.

Users can optionally enable "auto approval" for new master nodes to join the cluster. Enable the auto approval "toggle" in the cluster configuration page as shown in the screenshot below.

Auto Approve Nodes

  • Click on "Configure" to configure the node with Master Role so that it can be joined as a master node to the cluster.

Configure Master Nodes

  • Click on "Provision" and confirm to start adding this node as a master node to the existing cluster

Confirm Master Nodes

  • It will take couple minutes for the additional master node to be provisioned.

Provision Master Nodes

  • Once the node is done provisioned, it will join the cluster with the Master role

Complete Master Nodes

Complete Master Nodes

Delete Master Nodes

  • Select the cluster and click on nodes
  • Click on "DELETE" button of the node you would like to delete and confirm the deletion

Delete Master

  • Once the process is kicked off, the controller will drain the node by rescheduling pods on other nodes and then remove the master node from the cluster.

  • When the node deletion is done, the master node will be removed from the cluster

Delete Master

Delete Master


For manually provisioned clusters, it is the customer's responsibility to deprovision the VM or Instance after deleting the master node from the cluster.