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Streamlining AMI Updates for Worker Nodes in Amazon EKS Clusters

Imagine this scenario: your clusters, the backbone of your infrastructure, are currently running worker nodes based on an older AMI version. An alarming email from the security team informs you that the AMI ID being used has serious security vulnerabilities. The urgency to address issues like this becomes paramount because these pose a direct threat to the integrity and security of your infrastructure.

Critical security issues like this call for the ability for quick action. How can nodes across all clusters be updated quickly?

Scenarios like this are exactly why we have invested heavily in developing the Fleet Plans functionality. This can help you identify and update all of the impacted worker nodes in various clusters smoothly in this situation.

    participant admin as Admin
    participant rafay as Rafay

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    Note over admin,rafay: Upgrades of Insecure AMIs
    admin->>rafay: Identify Impacted EKS Clusters <br> (Input = AMI ID)
    admin->>rafay: Create Fleet Plan <br> (Impacted Clusters)
    admin->>rafay: Execute Fleet Plan
    admin->>rafay: Verify all EKS clusters <br>in fleet are using new AMI