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There are scenarios where it is both impractical and impossible to follow a traditional cloud provisioning model where the latest software is downloaded and provisioned on the fly. For scenarios like this, we also provide “pre-packaged” images that contains the Operating System, Kubernetes cluster components, the Kubernetes management operator and critical 3rd party software addons.

For example, an on-premises location with limited Internet connectivity or a factory environment where clusters need to be provisioned on 100s of servers in a day.

With the pre-packaged image based provisioning option, it is possible to provision a fully operational, Controller managed cluster in just a few minutes without having to download anything over the network/Internet. It is important to note that this workflow still requires the cluster to be able to connect to the Controller for activation, registration and configuration.


This document describes the GUI based, step-by-step workflow for the provisioning and activation process. The entire workflow can be performed entirely programmatically using Controller’s REST APIs. This allows organizations to completely embed this into their workflows/processes requiring zero manual intervention.


  • The user is familiar with OpenStack and optionally Orchestration using OpenStack HEAT templates.
  • You will perform the provisioning using the Web Console

One Time Tasks

Download qcow2 image

Download the qcow2 image and stage this in a location where the OpenStack environment can access it for provisioning. This is a one-time task and the same image can be reused as many times as necessary. The qcow2 image is prepackaged with the following components. These are updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the image is kept current.

Operating System (64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
k8s Mgmt Operator
Default Cluster Blueprint


NOTE: This version bundles k8s 1.22 in the image

MD5 57d9f057e3c2b960d769489d5ca2841a
SHA256 09f7af498df904dacc98fefc69f12fd35f00d9a1aeac2a084f4af12a40746616

v1.4.x (Deprecated)

NOTE: This version bundles k8s 1.21 in the image

MD5 145752b0c7f3deac170f56730fb55da7
SHA256 dd35879af72aacddd01351c79506ddade007b8f0e8a7d24d7617a089e6bbce03

OpenStack HEAT Templates

Example HEAT templates are provided that can be used to help streamline and automate a number of steps during the instantiation of the Operating System. Customers can customize and extend the provided OpenStack HEAT templates to suit their specific requirements.

Specifically, the provided heat templates implement and automate the following items:

  • Configuration of CPU, Memory and Storage for the VM
  • Day 0 network configuration
  • Day 0 iptables config [currently inbound rules for tcp port 80 and 443 only]
  • Automated execution for auto registration of the VM with the Controller