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Users can integrate with Gitlab to build highly automated self-service pipelines for build and release processes. Users can quickly deploy their applications to 100s of clusters across heterogeneous providers.

CI/CD using Gitlab and Rafay

CI Platforms like Gitlab can integrate directly with SCM such as GitHub to “checkout” source code, “build” a container image and “push” the resulting image to your preferred container registry.

Gitlab based pipelines can also be easily configured to directly interact with the Controller using the RCTL CLI utility. For GitOps type pipelines, you can store the workload’s configuration YAML in your Git repository. We have partnered with Gitlab and developed pre-built helpers that enable mutual customers implement the following:

  • Automate the deployments of Kubernetes clusters
  • Automate the deployments of containerized applications operating on managed Kubernetes clusters

Example Pipeline

An illustrative example pipeline is available here