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Learn Basics of Kubernetes For Everyone

Are you an App Developer struggling to learn the basics of Kubernetes because you have no time and no access to resources that help you with this in a step-by-step manner?

Learn Kubernetes


Application teams are typically extremely busy with their sprints and do not have the time or bandwidth to learn yet another thing such as Kubernetes.

Although we are a Product company with a market leading, SaaS-first Kubernetes Operations Platform, we frequently get asked by our customers whether we can help them run "hands-on training" exercises to help train their app developers that are new to Kubernetes.

Interestingly, this was not a new problem for us because we also faced the same issue four years back. We had to develop this kind of content for internal purposes because we also have to get our new app developers ramped up on Kubernetes.

Given the significant inbound enquiries for this, we decided that it was time to publish our training content that we had developed and used with several large enterprises for the last two years. We want the entire industry to benefit from this and help accelerate the industry's transition to Kubernetes.

Criteria For Effective Learning

Over the years, as we ran several workshops for our enterprise customers, we learnt that there were some things that worked and some that did not. We captured these as "critical criteria" as we worked on development of this content.

Learn by Doing

We are big believers in the philosophy of "Learn by Doing". This is the approach that has worked for us and we think it will work for everyone.

Our content is specifically organized and optimized in a manner where the developer will try everything on a live Kubernetes Cluster.

Cost Effective

When we ran a few of these for our customers in 2021, we realized that it was not always cost effective for organizations to provision Kubernetes clusters for this exercise and run these 24x7 for months at a time.

The first step in our content helps the developer install a small Kubernetes cluster on their corporate laptop that they will use for all parts of the exercse. This approach makes it extremely cost effective for organizations.

Bite Sized

In our first such exercise with a large Fortune 500 customer at the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020, we were doing this with a large group of globally distributed developers. We quickly realized that it was impossible for the developers to absorb a lot of new material quickly.

We want developers to learn both the "theory/concept" and "practical" aspects at the same time so that they can truly connect the dots.

Our content is organized into "bite sized" parts. Ideally, the developer should be able to power through each part in 15-30 minutes giving them enough time to invest in understanding the theory and concepts as well

Self Paced

We found that users learn at different velocities and for developers that are moving fast, it can be frustrating for them to wait esp. in a group setting.

Our content is specifically organized for self paced learning allowing different people to move at different speeds.

Video Assisted

Our customers told us that for them to do this effectively in a "self paced" manner, they would like to have a "video" showcasing the steps as a fallback. This becomes an effective replacement for a live instructor.

Our content has a step-by-step video for every section

Where Can You Find This?

Do you like what you have read so far? Anyone with an Internet connection can use our training content for free.

Learn Kubernetes Hands-On