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Kubernetes v1.30 for Rafay MKS

Our upcoming release scheduled for June to our Preview environment adds support for a number of new features and enhancements. We will write about these in separate blogs. This blog is focused on support for Kubernetes v1.30 with Rafay MKS (i.e. upstream Kubernetes for bare metal and VM based environments).

Both new cluster provisioning and in-place upgrades of existing clusters are supported. As with most Kubernetes releases, this version also deprecates and removes a number of features. To ensure there is zero impact to our customers, we have made sure that every feature in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform has been validated on this Kubernetes version. This will be promoted from Preview to Production in a few days and will be made available to all customers.

Kubernetes v1.30 Release

New Cluster Provisioning

Users of the Rafay platform can provision new clusters based on Kubernetes v1.30 using the supported interfaces. Shown below is a screenshot

New Cluster based on K8S 1.30

Clicking on a node in the cluster dashboard will provide additional details about the Kubernetes version as well.

New Cluster Node based on K8S 1.30

In-Place Upgrades

Users of the Rafay platform with existing clusters based on Upstream Kubernetes (Rafay MKS) will be prompted to upgrade their clusters to Kubernetes v1.30. Remember that upgrades for Rafay MKS are performed "in-place" and are "non disruptive" to running applications. All upgrade operations are audited in the centralized audit logs. Users can also view upgrade history by clicking on the upgrades tab. An illustrative example is shown below.

In-Place Upgrades

CNCF Conformance

Kubernetes v1.30 clusters provisioned and managed by Rafay are CNCF conformant. Conformance ensures that Rafay's support for Upstream Kubernetes supports the required APIs, as do open source community versions.

Try It Out

Sign up here for a free trial and try it out yourself. Get Started includes a number of hands-on exercises that will help you get familiar with capabilities of Rafay's Kubernetes Operations Platform.