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Two types of Kubernetes clusters are supported

1. Provisioned Clusters

These are Kubernetes clusters that are provisioned and managed by the Controller on various types of infrastructure

  • Upstream k8s On Bare Metal
  • Upstream k8s On Virtual Machines (on vSphere, AWS, GCP, Azure etc)
  • Managed Kubernetes Providers (EKS, AKS, etc)

The Controller has the ability to manage full lifecycle management of provisioned clusters.

2. Imported Clusters

Kubernetes clusters that have already been provisioned can be imported into the Controller. Once imported, the controller will provide deep visibility and insight into all aspects of the Kubernetes cluster, deploy and manage workloads to the imported cluster.

With imported clusters, the lifecycle management (add/remove worker nodes, k8s upgrades, decommission etc) is the responsibility of the customer.


Users can now import an EKS Cluster and convert to managed to takeover the Cluster Management lifecycle. For more information, refer Convert to Managed