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Reference Templates

Pre-validated, ready-to-use design and reference implementations (i.e. working code) that you can use to implement common use cases using the Rafay platform. You can also use our Getting Started guides for access to working examples for related scenarios.


  • AI & Generative AI

    Build and provide self service automation for Generative AI and AI use cases to data scientists, developers and application teams on AWS, Azure and data center based infrastructure.

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  • Cluster as a Service

    Platform teams can provide application teams with a self-sufficient project based environment with one or more dedicated Kubernetes clusters (aka. Kubernetes as a Service).

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  • Multi Tenancy

    Platform teams can provide application teams with a self-service access to a "governed and managed" multi-tenant environment on a shared Kubernetes cluster.

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  • Upgrade Plans for Kubernetes

    Ready to use upgrade fleet plans for zero downtime upgrades of Kubernetes versions, AMI/OS versions and cluster add-ons for one or a fleet of clusters.

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