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This is a multi-part, self paced quick start exercise to explore the platform's capabilities for "Lifecycle Management" of upstream-based Kubernetes clusters in VMware vSphere/vCenter environments.

Users are allowed to provision Kubernetes clusters on private environment like VMware. The controller provides streamlined provisioning approaches that allow users to bring up a Kubernetes cluster on a VMware environment in minutes

vSphere Lifecycle Management

Users can leverage the native integration with VMware to:

  • Provision and manage the lifecycle of their VMware Clusters in any region right from the Controller
  • Create and maintain version controlled cluster specifications in your Git Repositories
  • Use the declarative, cluster specifications to provision VMware clusters with a high level of automation

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Setup the resources needed for lifeycle management
2 Provision a VMware vSphere Cluster
3 Scale the cluster by updating the number of nodes
4 Upgrade the kubernetes version of the cluster control plane and worker nodes
5 Deprovision the cluster and remove the underlying infrastructure


  • You have access to a VMware vSphere environment


To access the documentation for Lifecycle Management for VMware Clusters,click here