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To facilitate the installation of Kubernetes cluster into private data centers without a direct incoming connection from the management console, a gateway is necessary. Users can install the gateway by deploying an OVF in vSphere vCenter, retrieved from the controller


Assure to have the below pre-requisites


Ensure the firewall allows the gateway VM to communicate with vCenter API

Step 1: Create Gateway

  • Click Gateway on the left panel under the Infrastructure. Gateway page appears
  • Click New Gateway
  • Provide a name and description
  • Gateway Type Vmware is selected by default
  • Click Create

Create AKS Cluster

Once created, you can view the gateway listed as shown below.

Create AKS Cluster

  • Click View Details (or) download the file to get the OVF URL and the other details. Copy the OVF URL to deploy the gateway in vCenter

Create AKS Cluster

Next step is to install the gateway by deploying this OVF in vSphere vCenter

Step 2: Deploy OVF in Vcenter

Perform the below steps to deploy the OVF in vCenter, and create a connection between the vCenter and controller to create VMware clusters

  • Login to the vCenter and right-click on the datacenter
  • Select Deploy OVF Template

!Deploy OVF Template](img/vcenter_ovf_temp.png)

  • Copy/paste the OVF URL in the URL field and click Next


  • Click Yes for the source verification and proceed

Select Yes

  • Provide a name for the VM and select a location to deploy this VM. Below is an example of location with workload
  • Click Next

Name and Location

  • Select a Compute Resource to allocate the resource pool for the VM and click Next

Compute Resource

  • Review Details screen appears showing the disk size and other details. Click Next

Review Details

  • Select the required storage to store the VM related resources and click Next


  • Click the drop-down and select the required network (or) click Browse to view all the available networks and select one to deploy the VM
  • Click Next


These three (5) pieces of information authorize the connectivity between vCenter and controller.

  • Copy/paste the details from the controller

Copy Details

Copy Details

  • Provide VM Static IP Configuration as shown below

Static IP


  • A preview of all the information provided appears. Click Finish to complete the process


  • The progress of VM deployment appears in the Recent Tasks as shown in the below example


This completes the process