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Key Concepts


Every customer is provisioned with one or more Organizations (i.e. Tenant). Customers can access all their Orgs through the same URL and seamlessly switch between their Orgs as well via an integrated Org Switcher.


It is strongly recommended that customers have at least "two" Organization Admins. This will ensure that there is a second admin user that can perform privileged actions in case the first admin is unavailable or locked out.

Switching between Orgs

Customers that have been provisioned with multiple Orgs can switch between Orgs via a built in "Org Switcher".

  • In the "Web Console", on the top right, click on your email address.
  • Click on "Change Organization".

You will be shown this only if your email address is associated with "multiple Orgs".

Org Switcher

  • Select the Org you wish to switch to

Org Switcher

Web Console

The Web Console is designed with both Infrastructure (Operations) and Application Owners (Developers etc) roles in an Organization. The Controller can be accessed via a Web console, the RCTL CLI and programmatically via REST APIs.