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Integrated Cost Visibility & Governance for Kubernetes

Last week, we wrapped up "hands-on enablement" on our recently released "Integrated Cost Management" service for approximately 25 technologists. Here's what the team experienced in the 60-minute lab.

Integrated Cost Management

1. What does it take to enable cost visibility and management for a fleet of clusters spanning Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, and on-premises clusters in data centers?

With the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform, you can do this literally in a "single click/step".

2. How can organizations achieve fine-grained visibility into Kubernetes costs for the following scenarios:

  • For all clusters in the organization
  • For all clusters in a project (business unit, operating environment)
  • For specific workspaces (soft tenancy on shared Kubernetes clusters)
  • For specific namespaces (shared Kubernetes clusters)
  • For specific k8s resources in a namespace (multiple applications in a namespace)

3. How can organizations implement "chargeback" and "show back" in my organization?

It is critical to let application teams (aka cluster users) know what their "Kubernetes spend" is so that they can optimize usage.

4. How can organizations implement a process to drive down "resource wastage" in Kubernetes?

We specifically set up the users with an environment that had "over-provisioned" and "expensive" clusters. In the hands-on lab, they experienced what it takes to achieve the following:

  • Provide visibility into costs to the organization and application teams in the form of chargebacks and show backs.
  • Use the cost and metrics data to implement a process to "right size" resources and bring "costs under control"

Interested in Learning More?

Here are some resources that should help you learn more about this service:

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