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Display Workload's Details for Enhanced Developer Experience

Many of our customers are platform teams that are focused on providing their end users (application developers) a great developer experience especially with ease of use with deploying and managing their applications on remote clusters. In our July 2023 release, we have enhanced the existing developer experience further by providing developers with a facility to quickly verify details about the workload under management.

Developer Experience


This enhancement was requested by multiple enterprise customers.

As part of application troubleshooting, it is a extremely common requirement for application developers to want to quickly check the versions of container images associated with their Kubernetes YAML or Helm chart based workloads operating on their Kubernetes clusters. The Rafay platform has always provide an integrated Kubernetes resources dashboard that the developer can access by clicking on Debug against their workload to access it. However, this dashboard presents information in Kubernetes terminology and the developer has to click on selectors for Pods or Deployment to view the container image version.

With this release, app developers can now view details about container images and versions associated with their workloads in just a click. In the example shown below, notice that the developer just needs to click on "View Workload Details" in the menu and the platform will retrieve all the associated details and present it in an easy to read manner. Early adopters of this feature have shared with us that this enhancement eliminates "several minutes" of time for developers for every troubleshooting session resulting in significant savings to operational costs.

Workload Details

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