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HashiCorp's New License

Last week, HashiCorp announced that they would be adopting the Business Source License for future releases of its products. In this blog, we describe how and if this impacts Rafay customers.

There is no impact to our mutual customers and users due to this recent license change by HashiCorp.

Many of our customers benefit from our native support of HashiCorp product offerings, such as Terraform and Vault, and our strong partnership ensures that they will continue to do so. In this blog, I'll describe these integrations, and provide more detail on the recent licensing change.


Rafay and HashiCorp have collaborated extensively over the last couple of years and Rafay is a HashiCorp Premier Partner.

Our Partnership

The Rafay team has worked closely with HashiCorp to develop compelling technical integrations with HashiCorp's flagship offerings such as Terraform and Vault. These are used extensively by our mutual customers that use HashiCorp's OSS offerings, Terraform Enterprise and Terraform Cloud. You can learn more about our partnership with HashiCorp here and here.

The Integrations

You can learn more about Rafay's technical integrations with HashiCorp's products below.

HashiCorp Product Rafay Integration
Terraform Rafay's Terraform Provider
Terraform Rafay GitOps
Terraform Environment Manager
Vault Secrets Management

Rafay Terraform Provider

Rafay speaks Terraform natively and fluently via the Rafay Terraform Provider. This allows our mutual customers to seamlessly integrate Rafay into their existing Terraform IaC.

Here is an example of a getting started guide showcasing the ease with which a user can automate Kubernetes Operations using Rafay's Terraform provider.

Secrets for Kubernetes

Securing application secrets esp. in a multi-tenant environment like Kubernetes is critical to ensure that organizations can operate at an acceptable security posture.

Users can integrate their Rafay managed (both imported and provisioned) Kubernetes clusters with HashiCorp's Vault literally in a single step.

Multi Stage GitOps Pipelines

It is an extremely common requirement for application teams to make changes to infrastructure before they update their Kubernetes resident applications. For example, the application team may wish to update the database schema before updating their application.

Rafay's multi-stage GitOps pipelines allows users to develop complex pipelines that allows them to execute their Terraform IaC as a stage in their pipeline.

Environment Manager

Rafay's Environment Manager allows Terraform Enterprise and Terraform Cloud customers to take their Terraform IaC and wrap it with templates and policies. This allows organizations to leverage their investments in Terraform to provide a self service experience for their developers.

What is the Impact due to the License Change?

All our technical integrations are done in collaboration with HashiCorp. We also invest heavily to validate our integrations with HashiCorp's OSS, Enterprise and Cloud offerings.


There is no impact to our mutual customers/users due to the recent license change.

Note that Rafay is also a sponsor for HashiCorp's customer conference later this year. We will be there in full force to support our partnership with HashiCorp.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule time to meet with the Rafay team at HashiConf 2023. Please plan to swing by our booth to see demos of our integrations with HashiCorp's products.

Learn More

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Sign up here for a free trial and try it out yourself. We have invested heavily on curated Get Started Guides that will help you get familiar with capabilities of Rafay's Kubernetes Operations Platform.

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