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Conversation with Equinix at KubeCon 2023

At KubeCon 2023, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion with Amy Tobey from Equinix. We thought it would be a lot of fun to record a completely unscripted conversation for folks that may not be that familiar with Rafay. This full conversation (approx. 20 minutes) is available now on Equinix's YouTube channel.


Rafay and Equinix have been collaborators and partners for years now. We also have customers using Rafay to deploy and operate upstream Kubernetes clusters in Equinix Metal which is a really cool Bare Metal as a cloud service.

Highlights from the Video

I have highlighted specific sections from the video that should make it easier for you to listen to it.

Developer Self Service

In this section, I describe one of the primary use cases that our customers are interested in implementing internally. Platform teams would like to be able to curate and implement golden paths for infrastructure that developers can consume literally with the click of a button.

A self service experience allows developers to be extremely productive.

Build vs Buy

In this section, Amy and I discuss why it makes sense for platform teams to not reinvent the wheel especially for established technology layers.

Rafay helps platform engineers offload undifferentiated heavy lifting so that they can focus on delivering outcomes for the business they support!

Open Source

In this section, we talk about the various open source projects Rafay maintains and contributes to. I particularly emphasize our philosophy i.e. how Rafay makes a conscious effort to keep our open source projects clean. We do not contaminate our open source projects with bait and switch business models. Note that there are no commercial options of any kind for our open source projects. Watch and hear me talk about this in the video snippet below.

Rafay's OSS projects are a labor of love and a way for us to give back to the community.

Speak the Language of Your Users

At its core, all the features in the Rafay platform start out with a REST API. We provide support for multiple interfaces that are built on top of the APIs. This allows users to interact with Rafay with their existing/preferred interface.

Rafay Interfaces

It is critical for a platform to intercept with developers by speaking their language!!

Learnings from KubeCon 2023?

Attendees at KubeCon are generally extremely strong technologists that are operating at the cutting edge. In this section, we describe how our discussions with the attendees are generally learning moments for Rafay helping provide clarity and insights into use cases that will become mainstream in the coming years.

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Sincere thanks to readers of our blog who spend time reading our product blogs. I wrote this especially because our customers recently asked us about observations and learnings from major industry events such as KubeCon. Please Contact the Rafay Product Team if you would like us to write about other topics.